Before we start, no, hemp is not marijuana. Yes, they look and even smell the same, they are even the same plant species! The difference is that the hemp plant, contains no more than 0.3% of THC (the substance found in higher quantities in marijuana). You can’t get high on hemp, so please don’t try and smoke our hats.

Hemp has been around for a looooong time, such a long time that there is only three digits in the year – 770 AD!

Although hemp has been around for such a long time, it has evolved in leaps and bounds over recent years and is making its come back. It is used to make everything from rope to clothing.. to paper. You might think hemp fabric is scratchy and rough, but it can actually be beautifully soft and comes in many different forms.

🌱 It is better than cotton for the environment – WAIT – is hemp an alternative to cotton? Well that’s another story for another day, but its definitely a major contender

🌱 It is breathable… REALLY breathable. So breathable that it is infact hypoallergenic. Thanks to hemps natural protein structure and ability to resist bacterial growth it is suitable for sensitive skins. It can also prevent odours phew-eee!

🌱 Hemp fabric is stronger than cotton (don’t tell cotton we said that!). Items made from hemp will outlive their competition by many years. Extremely durable and long lasting – has 4x durability of other natural fibres

🌱 Its UV resistant AND thermo regulating too. What does that mean you ask? Hemp can filter the suns harmful rays and like bamboo, has the ability to keep you cool when you’re warm, and warm when you’re cold. Team up with our hemp hat and a pair of our wooden sunglasses and you will be ticking those sun smart boxes before you know it!

Editors Picks

We Shell - Ebony & Paua - Grey Lens
Sublime - Grey Lens - Ebony
Spe-Shell - Walnut - Grey Lens
Shell Shocked - Zebra/Ebony - Grey Lens
🌱 Hemp is a weed, so it grows super easily with little water (usually just rain water will do) and no pesticides. The plants don’t take up much room and produces more pulp per acre than trees. Prepare to see a hemp plant flourish in only 4 months!

🌱 Pretty much every part of the plant can be used. The stalk’s outer bast fiber can make textiles, canvas and rope while its woody core – hurd – is used for paper, construction and animal bedding. PLUS, the seeds are high in protein, fiber, omega-3 fats and other nutrients. Their oil can be used for paints, adhesives, cooking and plastics. Even the leaves can be eaten and used to make juice. Wow.

🌱 The roots of the hemp plant are like tentacles reaching out under the earth. They can grow to 30cm long in only a month, which helps prevent erosion of topsoil. The roots can grow up to lengths of three feet or longer. They anchor into the soil and preserve the topsoil and subsoil, keeping them healthy for years without needing to rotate the crop, unlike cotton which depletes the soil of nutrients. Hemp can be grown consecutively for over twenty years without the soil being affected.

We could go on, but there are SO many benefits of hemp and interesting facts, the list goes on and on! We are excited to be able to bring you our enkindler. hemp hats!


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